5 Things to Expect When Meeting With Your Divorce Lawyer

Many people may feel afraid to take the first steps towards divorce due to the necessity for the legal counsel of a divorce lawyer. For some, even the idea of seeking out an attorney can seem daunting and unfamiliar. Finding someone who can understand the turmoil and confusion you are experiencing is paramount to finding the solution. That being said, knowing what to expect once you finally get this far in the process is useful for speeding up what has likely already been a long journey. Once you have made contact with an attorney, here are five things you should expect in an initial consultation. 


1. Privacy


The anxiety you feel when arriving for something like a doctor’s appointment is a feeling you should not worry about when you first meet your divorce lawyer. Matrimonial attorney offices will offer complete confidentiality, and your attorney will give his undivided focus to you and you alone. You shouldn’t have to worry about your private matter being shared with a waiting room full of strangers.


2. Marriage Details


Once you get comfortable, the first thing expected of you should be any information regarding both you and your spouse. This includes phone numbers, birth dates, home addresses, and social security numbers. This info may also be requested for any children born out of the marriage currently under the age of 18. Alongside that, any details pertaining to past and present marriages from you and your spouse will be requested of you. Where you were married, when you were married, and who you were married by are all necessary details in order to make your divorce process a smooth one. 


3. Touching Base on the Financial Side


It goes without saying that a big task a divorce attorney undertakes is the division of assets. Your lawyer will want to get a good impression of your net worth, income, and expenses. While this info can be daunting to gather in a single visit, you are absolutely not expected to know everything on the spot. Regardless of how detailed you can get, the end goal is for the attorney to understand what kind of money you and your family are accustomed to having during your marriage.  


4.  Explaining Your Reasoning


After dealing with some of the more data-oriented questions, eventually there comes a time when your attorney will shift to a more personal set of questions. Your reasoning behind filing divorce might be an obvious, yet difficult topic to get into, but you should take comfort in the fact that your attorney is there to help you. Relieve any fears of being judged, as your attorney should always seek to understand you and your side of the story. Any and all details that factor into your decision for a divorce should be disclosed early on, as the better an idea your lawyer has of your situation, the smoother the proceedings going forward will be. 


5. The Initial Gameplan 


After your attorney has gotten to understand your situation, they should be able to impart some advice and guidance to you. They will map out several options for you and paint a picture of how you want to be represented. Getting the most out of your time depends on your ability to communicate all the relevant info you can, as your attorney will know what is best for you the more he gets to know you. 


Though the process of hiring a lawyer may scare you, talking to the right person about your situation can give you the courage you need to make a positive change in your life.

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