DNA Evidence Clears Client in Home Invasion Case

Chuck Bretz & Associates is proud to announce the dismissal of all charges against one of our clients, Nakita Ulmer.

Mr. Ulmer was charged with home invasion, robbery, aggravated criminal sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse. The victim originally identified Mr. Ulmer as the culprit. Police recovered DNA evidence from the scene and States experts claimed that the sample could have come from 97% of the population, including Mr. Ulmer.

Despite the apparent strength of the State’s case, Chuck Bretz & Associates began an aggressive investigation into the case. The victim later told the State that she needed to hear Mr. Ulmer’s voice to be sure he was her attacker. The firm worked with an independent DNA expert, Dr. Karl Reich of Independent Forensics, who concluded that Mr. Ulmer could be excluded as having contributing the DNA sample. Chuck Bretz & Associates was also successful in getting key evidence suppressed prior to trial. The State appealed this ruling which was upheld by the appeallate courts.

Mr. Bretz praised the State’s decision to dismiss the case against Mr. Ulmer. “The State recognized they did not have sufficient evidence to convict, despite the seriousness of the charges. Our efforts helped an innocent man keep his freedom.

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