The Chicago Tribune and In Session relied on Chuck Bretz’s expertise for the Drew Peterson Trial

Before the Drew Peterson trial started, the Producers of “In Session” learned of Chuck Bretz’s reputation in Will County, so they asked him to be an expert contributor during the trial.  He appeared on multiple episodes analyzing both the prosecutors and the defense team.

On 8/9/2012 Chuck was asked to analyze the collaboration of the multiple witnesses brought on by the prosecution, and to describe what the goal of the prosecution was as to these witnesses.

Also on 8/9/2012 Chuck was asked what the value of the prosecution asking the line of questions regarding Savio’s appearance and mobility.

On 8/24/2012 Chuck is asked if when prosecution decided to rest if they ended big enough for this case.

Finally on 9/2 Chuck analyzed the closings arguments for prosecution. Chuck explains why any successful trial needs to have a theme and also how the prosecution built this theme and executed it.

Chuck describes the components the prosecution must use in their closing arguments to ensure the jurors believe there is no reasonable doubt and that Peterson was in fact the one that committed the crime.

On several occasions both the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times asked for Chuck’s expertise on this ongoing trial. 

Some experts warned that if the prosecution errors continued, the judge might feel increasingly inclined to declare a mistrial.

"These things can accumulate to the point where the judge says, 'There's been too many errors, too many things that have happened and I don't feel comfortable any longer with continuing to ask the jury to disregard these,'" said Joliet defense attorney Chuck Bretz, a former Will County prosecutor.

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