Typically, assault is defined as the making a threat of violence and battery is defined as an act of physical contact that is insulting and provoking or causes bodily harm. It is important to hire a highly experienced and knowledgeable Joliet assault and battery lawyer like the team of assault and battery attorneys at Bretz, Flynn & Associates due to many different variations of assault and battery exist.

A Will County assault defense attorney or battery defense attorney can use one or a combination of several defenses, including:

  • Self-defense, the claim that the client acted because they needed to defend themselves from the accuser, is an argument commonly used in assault and battery cases.

  • The law permits individuals to use what is defined as a “reasonable” amount of force to protect their property.

  • Reasonable force may also be used when an individual executes an action with the intent to perform a duty and/or when the individual has the authority to do, as in the case of police officers.

Assault and battery is punishable by jail/prison time, financial compensation or both. Consequences can range from mild to severe, and a conviction can tarnish your record for life. Each assault defense attorney and battery attorney at Bretz, Flynn & Associates will comb through every aspect of your case, seeking out all of the necessary details and information, from you and from other resources.

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We are very blessed that our case fell into the very capable hands of Neil Patel. He has earned my eternal loyalty and respect. This case was handled by him from top to bottom, start to finish and he deserves 100% of the credit.
— Anthonitte Carranza