Financial crimes are becoming more common in the age of technology. A person who writes a check purporting to be someone else may be charged with Identity Theft and Forgery. A person who uses someone else’s credit card may be charged with Misuse of a Credit Card and Identity Theft. Because of these complicated issues, the Will County identity theft attorneys at Bretz, Flynn & Associates understand this, and we are committed to defending your innocence.

It is crucial that you work with a Joliet identity theft lawyer to fight accusations of this nature, as identity theft is a crime of dishonesty, which can have a substantial impact on your future. There are different categories of identity theft, and the following behavior may result in criminal charges:

  • A store clerk copies a customer’s driver’s license number from their personal check.

  • A computer hacker obtains information like bank account numbers and credit card numbers via online accounts.

  • A DMV employee illegally provides license numbers to an outside party.

  • A would-be thief purchases data from information brokers.

  • A client writes a check or uses a credit card while pretending to be someone else.

  • Counterfeiting a check through the use of software or photocopies

  • Signing a check or other official document with a signature that does not belong to the signee.

  • Deliberately writing checks on closed accounts or order checks from closed accounts, commonly called “paperhanging”

Bretz, Flynn & Associates possess more than 90 years of combined experience in successfully arguing forger cases Illinois. When you work with our Joliet identity theft attorneys or Will County forgery attorney from our established firm, rest assured you are dealing with an experienced forgery lawyer who knows the best tactics to use to sway the verdict in your favor. Our attorneys are intimately acquainted with forgery laws Illinois, and will leverage the best resources for forger cases Illinois.

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