Sympathy among law enforcement, the courts and the public towards domestic violence victims has intensified in recent years. This could complicate your defense in a domestic violence case, which presents a difficult set of challenges to the accused. Therefore, it is critical to hire a domestic violence attorney in Will County who is intimately familiar with the obstacles defendants can encounter and, more importantly, know how to wisely navigate around them.

Victims of alleged domestic violence can claim various types of abuse or injuries ranging from scratching to pushing to punching and kicking. Sometimes, those accusers who were not truly victims can go so far as to inflict injury on themselves and file a false police report. An experienced Joliet domestic violence lawyer is aware of these tactics and knows how to expose and fight against them.

A Restraining order is a term most often associated with crimes like stalking, harassment, domestic violence of sexual assault. An Order of Protection, commonly called a restraining order, limits a person’s ability to contact someone. Violations of these court orders can lead to criminal charges. An Order of Protection can give alleged victims a great deal of power. Those who violate a Joliet restraining order or Joliet order of protection are subject to criminal penalties, including arrest and prison time.

Whether is a domestic charge or a order of protection charge, the domestic violence attorneys at Bretz, Flynn & Associates know exactly how to handle these types of cases, backed by more than 90 years of combined experience. Give us a call today at (815) 740-1545 to learn more about our experience with domestic violence defenses.

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