There are numerous types of drug crimes with a vast array of punishments. They range from drug possession to drug trafficking, and can carry heavy penalties. Each type of drug offense require a different approach – one of the many reasons why working with Will County drug crime lawyers, especially Joliet drug trafficking lawyers, is so important to a favorable verdict. The drug crime lawyers in Joliet at Bretz, Flynn & Associates possess more than 90 years of combined experience representing clients in drug cases.

Categories of drug-related crimes include the following:

  • Possession – The possession of illegal drugs without the intent to distribute or sell.

  • Delivery – The sale, trade, or distribution of illegal drugs.

  • Possession with Intent - The possession of illegal drugs with the intent to distribute or sell them

  • Manufacturing – The production of illegal drugs.

Studies on drug-related crimes have found that drug misuse is often associated with various crimes such as Delivery of Controlled Substances or Theft. Illegal drugs include, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, morphine and amphetamines, but also include controlled substances that are prescribed, like alprazolam. The severity of legal repercussions depends on factors including the type of drug involved, the type of offense, the amount of drugs, and the prior criminal history of the defendant. Drug trafficking, for example, is typically prosecuted with a high level of severity, as it can involve drug cartels and gangs.

Our Will County drug crime lawyers will fight for your rights in these types of cases and always ensure that treatment and rehabilitation options are fully explored before severe punishments like prison. Your drug lawyer from Bretz, Flynn & Associates in Joliet will know the information to gather and resources to access for your particular situation. To learn more about how our drug crime lawyers can help you fight drug-related crime charges, call us today at (815) 740-1545.

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