Murder is widely considered the worst crime to commit and carries heavy repercussions that can haunt those convicted for life. Homicide charges, convictions, and sentencing are not to be taken lightly on any level. Contrary to popular belief, murder or homicide can include certain types of unintentional killings. Due to these reasons and more, it is crucial to have an experienced Joliet homicide attorney like the team at Bretz, Flynn & Associates on your side to defend you against murder charges.

Our Will County homicide lawyers are experienced in working on these cases, possessing more than 90 years of combined experience with homicide law in Joliet. We know the proven approaches to take - vigorously investigate the charges, interview witnesses, test and view evidence, and aggressively negotiate - to ensure the best results possible. These approaches are used regardless of the severity of the charge, First Degree Murder, Second Degree Murder, or Attempted Murder.

Other violent crimes include Aggravate Battery with a Firearm, Home Invasion, Armed Habitual Criminal, and Armed Violence. These offenses carry extreme prison sentences, with mandatory enhancements based on the use of a weapon or firearm. Our violent crime lawyers know the tested approaches to handling these cases to ensure your rights are protected.

A homicide lawyer in Joliet can make have a significant impact on your Murder charge or other violent offense charge, so it is important to place your fate in the hands of experienced legal professionals. Chuck Bretz and the rest of his team has secured several not guilty verdicts in First Degree Murder charges and has successfully negotiated other First Degree Murder charges to significantly less serious offenses. Give Bretz, Flynn & Associates a call today at (815) 740-1545.

This case was handled by him from top to bottom, start to finish and he deserves 100% of the credit. What he achieved for my son is nothing short of amazing.
— Anthonitte Carranza