Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) investigations occur when a call is made to the DCFS hotline about a parent’s treatment of their child/children. Some DCFS investigations do not end up with a court or the police being involved, but many Illinois DCFS investigations do end up in court, and some can lead to criminal charges.

A DCFS investigation can have a major and lasting effect on your life in the following ways:

  • Criminal charges.

  • The DCFS Illinois investigation can lead to a case with juvenile court, potentially resulting in the loss of custody of your child and/or the eventual termination of your parental rights.

  • DCFS can determine that you have abused or neglected your child, but decide to leave the child in your home under the condition that you follow a specific plan.

  • DCFS in Illinois can make an agreement with you to keep the case out of juvenile court if you agree to place the child with someone else, in some instances a relative.

It is important to work with a skilled attorney in order to ensure you are following the appropriate process, including wading through all of the associated DCFS forms. Bretz, Flynn & Associates has a proven track record of success in protecting clients’ rights throughout Will County DCFS investigations. Call us today at (815) 740-1545 to learn more.

Pat Flynn counseled and represented me thorough this rough and turbulent time. Not only did Pat provide me with outstanding legal representation, she also provided personal emotional support in my time of need. I am forever in her debt.
— Sue K.