Divorce laws can vary from state to state, which is one reason why it is so important to obtain the services of a knowledgeable Will County divorce attorney. If you and your spouse seek an amicable divorce, or you expect a bitter, ugly fight, you will always need the guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer in Joliet who is familiar with the law and the judges overseeing the case. The divorce lawyers at Bretz, Flynn & Associates includes representing and are experts in the area of divorce law.

A divorce can involve any of the following legal issues:

  • Child custody.

  • Child support.

  • Spousal support.

  • Division of assets.

  • Division of debt.

  • Property distribution

  • Counseling or mediation requirements.

Certain aspects of a divorce, particularly issues involving children, are extremely sensitive. The divorce attorneys at Bretz, Flynn & Associates in Joliet will handle your case in a way that ensures you are as comfortable and stress free as possible while fighting for your rights. Our divorce attorneys know what kind of information to gather and the types of resources to access to secure a decision in your favor.

Our Will County divorce attorneys offer our clients highly competitive divorce attorney fees. We understand what an emotionally difficult time this is for you and your family, and we are committed to making the process both hassle free and affordable. At least 50% of our family law practice involve representing fathers.

Bretz, Flynn & Associates will help you execute your divorce quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today at (815) 740-1545 to get started.

The CBA team guided me all the way, including some after hour meetings and early morning phone calls. I always received compassionate, professional guidance from the many memories of CBA that I had contact over the months.
— Anonymous