A Will County guardian ad litem is appointed by court order solely for the duration of a legal action. Courts appoint these representatives for infants, minors, and mentally incompetent persons in order to help them protect their rights in court. Guardians ad litem in Joliet are involved in divorces, child neglect and abuse cases, paternity suits and contested inheritances. In many cases, guardians ad litem are attorneys.

Guardians ad litem have an enormous responsibility. Their duties involve the child’s welfare across all areas including investigation, attending to the child's emotional and legal needs, monitoring the child's family and shielding the child from potential damage inflicted by lawsuits.

As officers of the court, guardians ad litem in Joliet also compile relevant facts, interview witnesses, give testimony and make recommendations to the court on issues of custody and visitation. In addition, they ensure that all parties comply with court orders.

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The BFA team guided me all the way, including some after hour meetings and early morning phone calls. I always received compassionate, professional guidance from the many memories of BFA that I had contact over the months.
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