You are entitled to certain rights when you suffer injury as the result of another party’s negligence. When you are injured at the hands of another, whether it is due to the fault of your employer or on someone’s property due to negligence on the owner’s part, you deserve compensation for the hardship you endure as a result. However, these cases can be tricky. It is crucial, therefore, to work with a good Joliet personal injury attorney to help sway the verdict in your favor.

The team of Will County personal injury lawyers at Bretz, Flynn & Associates will comb through every detail of your case in order to assess the best strategy to win your case. Our goal is always to secure compensation that will cover your medical bills and help you achieve peace of mind.

A Joliet personal injury attorney can handle many different types of cases. For example, automobile insurance usually covers only a small percentage of your medical bills following an accident. Your personal injury lawyer will help you navigate through the legal process to obtain the money you need to pay your bills.

You invest an enormous amount of time and energy at work, so when you suffer a work related injury, you deserve worker’s compensation that will provide you with financial stability. The Joliet personal injury attorneys at Bretz, Flynn & Associates will help you win the level of compensation to which you are entitled.

Out team of personal injury lawyers in Joliet possess decades of experience researching and arguing personal injury cases. We know exactly what kind of information to obtain from our clients as well as the best resources to access.

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Chuck Bretz is an outstanding lawyer! He helped me through a very rough time in my life. He and his staff took a personal interest in me and made me feel safe and secure in knowing that my life and future would be ok. I would highly recommend Mr. Bretz to anyone.
— Susan Grant