Under most circumstances, you are forbidden to drive with a suspended or revoked Illinois drivers license. This restriction can create significant problems in your daily life and can lead to criminal charges if you continue to drive. The process of drivers license reinstatement in Joliet can vary depending on the reason why your license was suspended – one of the many reasons why it is crucial to work with a Joliet drivers license reinstatement attorney.

The team of Will County drivers license reinstatement attorneys at Bretz, Flynn & Associates are experienced in dealing with the Secretary of State to get your Illinois drivers license back and your driving privileges reinstated. Our attorneys will help you at all stages of the reinstatement process when you need an informal or formal hearing. For example, a drivers license revocation Joliet for a DUI charge will carry different requirements than reinstating an Illinois drivers license that is suspended for failing to maintain car insurance. Bretz, Flynn & Associates has extensive experience in dealing with the Illinois Secretary of State Administrative Hearings Department and will properly prepare you for your hearing. We know what is necessary for the hearing officer to approve you for driving privileges, regardless of the reason for the suspension or revocation.

Our team includes Edward Anderson, a former Secretary of State Administrative Hearings prosecutor and officer, who can provide you with wise and timely advice. To learn more about how Bretz, Flynn & Associates can help you with your drivers license reinstatement Joliet, give us a call today at (815) 740-1545.

I would recommend Chuck Bretz to anyone who needed help with a legal issue. Without him I would not have a license, would have lost my job and my home and my children would not have been able to go to college. I owe him everything.
— Joseph Pugh