A felony DUI can have many of the same penalties as a misdemeanor DUI, but has even more severe and lasting consequences. In addition to suspension or loss of your driver’s license and thousands of dollars in fines, penalties for a felony DUI conviction can include prison time and the loss of some rights including the right to practice certain professions. A strategic defense provided by by the team of Will County DUI defense lawyersat Bretz, Flynn & Associates can help protect your rights, reduce the impact of the charges, and possibly decrease your financial burden.

The DUI lawyer will defend their client’s to ensure the smallest amount of criminal liability. The DUI defense lawyers in Joliet at Bretz, Flynn & Associates possess more than 90 years of combined experience, and a proven track record for success.

These are some of the scenarios that can results in a felony DUI Conviction:

  • Killing or causing harm to another person while intoxicated behind the wheel.

  • A third or subsequent DUI arrest.

  • Committing a DUI while your drivers license is suspended or revoked

  • Committing a DUI while you have no valid drivers license.

  • Committing a DUI while you don’t have insurance.

A felony DUI can have many lasting consequences, including a permanent felony conviction, loss of driving privileges, and jail time.  A felony DUI can also show up in background checks, making it harder to obtain employment or housing.

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I was found not guilty of DUI at trial. Chuck was great. He was aggressive and fought the charges when other lawyers would have cut a deal. I would recommend Chuck Bretz to anyone who needed help with a legal issue.
— Joseph Pugh