Trial: The victim was shot to death during an alleged drug deal.  The client was charged with 1st degree murder as multiple eye witnesses identified him as the shooter. 

Verdict: Not guilty

Trial: Client allegedly almost crashed into a police car in an intersection, allegedly fails field sobriety tests, has bloodshot glassy eyes, slurred speech and strong odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath.

Verdict: Not guilty

Trial - Client, who is in prison for murder, is charged with Aggravated Battery to a Public Officer, a prison guard. There is a video showing the incident and photos of the guard's injuries. During the trial, evidence came forth that the guard violated prison rules regarding inmate control and was retaliating against the client for reporting inmate abuses.

Verdict - Not Guilty after a jury trial.

Trial: Client charged with 1st degree murder as to the death of his young step-son which was caused by blunt trauma.  The state’s pathologist testified at trial and said that this was the worst case of child abuse that she had ever seen.

Verdict- Not guilty of first degree murder but guilty of aggravated battery to a child and involuntary manslaughter.  Subsequent successful appeal vacated the conviction for aggravated battery to a child.

Trial: Client found passed out in driver’s seat of a vehicle in someone’s front yard. His keys, shoes and ring were found on the ground outside of the vehicle. He was allegedly incoherent and tried to start the vehicle by sticking the face of his car stereo into the ignition. He allegedly failed all field sobriety tests, was combative with officers, had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath.

Verdict: Not guilty

Trial: Client allegedly crashed into a curb and was questioned by officers in a parking lot. Client allegedly told officers she had recently got off of the train after consuming two bottles of wine.

Ruling: Case dismissed and suspension of driving privileges reversed.

Motion: Client Files a petition in court challenging the suspension of her driver’s license stemming from her DUI arrest. The State of Illinois fails to confirm her suspension in a timely manner.

Ruling: Suspension reversed on the grounds that she was not given her due process.

Trial: Client causes a three vehicle collision and is allegedly staggering around outside of the vehicle. Client reeks of alcohol and admits to consuming a “lot of vodka” up to 2am the previous evening. Client allegedly fails field sobriety tests and refuses to submit to breathe tests at the police station.

Verdict: Not guilty

2 clients were charged with 1st degree murder as accomplices to a home invasion/armed robbery of an alleged drug dealer, during which the alleged drug dealer was shot and killed.  Clients were found guilty at an initial trial of 1st degree murder

Result: A successful appeal based in part on the unconstitionality of the police interview process lead to the first degree murder conviction being vacated and a negotiated plea to aggravated robbery, a lesser offense of armed robbery.

Client is charged with Delivery of a Controlled Substance to an undercover police officer.

Result - Successful plea negotiation resulting in no felony conviction and no jail time.